The Inspo

I’ve always been one to add a personal touch to everything I do. When I was attending college, my blog names were related to things and people I loved. In the middle of creating this blog site, I had to keep that train on the line because I always feel like it’s important to have a story behind the name.

I originally wanted to call it “The Nashville Scene” as it’s a song lyric from the Tim McGraw song Who Are They?. I’d done some research to see if there were any other bloggers with the same or similar name, and stumbled across Nashville Scene – who are huge and have over 200k followers on Twitter. I couldn’t be seen as copying them so went with my back up name.

That’s how “Young Wild Memory” was born! Again, it’s a song lyric from a Tim McGraw song from his latest album Damn Country MusicThe song being What You’re Looking For, I actually thought it was quite a fitting title too, as I hope one day, I can say “I found it.”

McGraw has always been my number one and I’m super happy I managed to incorporate his lyrics in with this blog.

Speak to you soon!




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