My Tips on How to Countrify Your Room

Guess who’s back after 2 weeks of hibernation…

Hello! So sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Life’s been busy.

I thought I’d intertwine two things I’d love and make a blog about them; those things being my bedroom and of course country music.

When I first re-decorated my room it was a modern shabby-chic, with cute quotes everywhere, rustic hearts hanging on every wall, and about 65 sets of fairy lights so my room looked like Blackpool illuminations every night. As the years went on, I wanted to add some ranch-feeling accessories, but most were of the darker brown/orange colours and I was super strict on the colour scheme (which is creams and whites!)

The revamp all started when my Mum opened up her own business,, and created me some Tim McGraw bunting. From then on, I became obsessed with bunting and had requested a lot of it since she started in November ’15. When I first put it up, I moved it about 8 times because it didn’t look right no matter where it was, but finally(!!!) I found a spot for it.blog1

I have an alcove in my bedroom which I transformed into a wardrobe, and put a white net curtain over in with some flowery fairy lights. The bunting was the perfect size to hang at the top, and when the fairy lights are on, the bunting lights up too. Contact me or message Mum over on if you’d like any!

Over to my ‘desk’ area which is more of a display-everything-you-adore area because most of my blogs are written in Mums office when she’s working too. It’s a well kept area and has a lot of my favourite things on and around it. Obviously a cheeky little bit of bunting, a framed print from my amazing friends at work, a couple of books and other knick-knacks that make it all a bit cuter.


Welcome to my desk area! Freshly dusted just for the purpose of these photos. I guess the first thing you see here is the print, right? Well, that’s from where I work at! It was a gift from all of my friends there for my 21st birthday. It’s filled with info about the year I was born (who knew only 1% of the UK had internet!?  *shocked face*). Everyone needs one of these prints in their life because it’s such a great talking point and looks hung on any wall (or placed nicely on a desk, in my case).

The cute Little Big Town was my own creation, but I used Mums card, ink and string (obviously). I’m kinda loving them at the minute and wanted to have something of theirs in my room because shipping their merchandise from the states would require me to have £100 laying around just to fly it over here. The clay heart is from a good friend of my Mum, Holly, who makes air dry and ceramic clay keepsakes from her home in Devon. They’re truly beautiful and make the perfect personalised gift. I got given this one from her for Valentine’s Day (well who else was going to get me anything…). I highly recommend checking out her page over at


This area is to the right of my dressing table. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and it’s something I stare at when I’m doing my hair and make-up. The polaroid ‘bunting’ is inspired by the 5 cities I visited when me and my friend, Declan, went on a road trip through the states for Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider. New York was where we started and Nashville was where we finished. It just brings back a lot of happy memories and I’d do it all over again if I could.

The wooden rustic signs are from a variety of places. The Life is Better in Nashville one is actually from a little hidden shop in Downtown Nashville just off Broadway. It’s the sign that started my obsession and I just wanted hundreds of them for my room. From then on, my Mum has always bought them for me for birthdays and Christmas’, from Not on the Highstreet, and they’re personalised with my favourite Tim McGraw lyrics.


If you just happen to have any cowboy themed clothing or accessories hanging around, leave them out! Don’t put them away. My cowboy boots are always either perched on a chair or just placed on the floor because they look fabulous and remind me of Nashville. As for the bag, Cath Kidston is my current obsession and I have more bags from her than I could even count. This is the Cowboy themed bag and she’s discontinued the pattern *sad face* but there’s a lot of people selling it on eBay. It goes perfectly with a check shirt, navy jeans and my boots!


My pride and favourite thing in my bedroom. Shoutout to Dad for finding this beauty and surprising me for my 18th birthday! It was my first ever autographed photo of Tim McGraw and if the house was on fire, it’d be the first thing I’d grab. Put it in a shabby-chic frame and it’ll fit in with whatever theme you have going on!


Replacing photos with quotes is always a good idea. When Mum brought out her new range of Letter Cards, I asked her to create me one for a specific frame and ta-da! Humble and Kind is one of Tims best songs and I love the message behind it, so couldn’t not have the Stay Humble and Kind quote up somewhere!


There we have it! There’s my tips on adding a hint of country music themed stuff to your room, even if you have a colour theme. Knick-knacks, I find, are easier to manage because they’re easily moveable and if you want to change things up at Christmas time or whatever, you can always take them down and replace them with decorations.

I hope you all enjoyed this slightly different style of blog. I had lots of fun taking the photos and writing about my prized possessions, and if there’s anything in the blog that you would like the link to from where I purchased it, feel free to contact me on any of my social media platforms or ‘say hello’ on my blog!

Speak to you soon!




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