Day 1: Country2Country Festival – London 2017

I’m not really sure how to start this… so I’ll start with PROFUSELY apologising for not blogging in over a month. Life has been busy, stressful, hectic and god knows what else. I’m hoping to get into more of a routine now though, she says…

Since I last spoke to you all, the most exciting thing that’s happened in my life is attending the C2C Festival at The O2 Arena, London. Hands down one of THE best weekends of my life – non stop country music. What more could I ask for?

It all started on my 21st birthday, the 28th November 2016. My last present was presented to me in an envelope, and it was a letter from my Mum. 21 facts that I needed to know for the rest of my life, from never buying cheap toilet paper to always staying on top of your ironing pile. Fact #21: “Get your cowboy hat and boots ready, and book the 9th-12th March off of work as me and you are off to the Country2Country Festival!” *queue the uncontrollable sobs*

Skip forward 2 and a half months and we’re at the weekend of the festival. Outfits have been planned a month in advance, boots and hats are ready to go, and a suitcase full of junk food to avoid paying the extortionate London prices is ready and waiting to be demolished.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 16.24.14

So here we go – Day 1: A four hour car journey with the setlist blasting through the speakers, we’re cramming in all the last minute need-to-know lyrics for the weekend.  Hotel = gorgeous. No complaints; staff were friendly, room was perfectly laid out and the red, white and blue decorations were up (including the bunting that I’d made with my Mum over on This Pretty Room!) After a quick make-up top up and hair brush, we changed our clothes and went straight back out the door.

PicMonkey Collage

Around a 20 minute walk to the O2 from where we were staying, which was just enough time for my blood pressure to rise and heart rase to increase to about 300bpm – it was finally happening. We arrived at the O2, and I kid you not, everywhere you looked there were stetsons, boots, checked shirts, belt buckles and the sound of country music filled your ears. My idea of heaven!

We wondered around for an hour or two, trying to spot people we’d spoken to online in the C2C Attendees Facebook group. We failed. Turns out we’re either blind or they were all hiding from us – who knows. We sat upstairs in the Slug & Lettuce and had a drink until it was time to walk down to the gate and head into the actual arena. Night one = Jennifer Nettles, Chris Young and Brad Paisley with Cam and Chase Bryant down on the Yamaha Stage in-between the main stage acts. Up in Block 412, Row S (2 from the back!), with 2 extremely drunk young lads barging past us every twenty minutes to get out, we weren’t in the greatest spot. I was grateful to be there, but you can’t stand up and dance in fear of toppling forward. The music was brilliant, but the atmosphere was a bit flat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 16.37.09

It was such an amazing experience to be there, but my tip to all you country fans: the extra money is worth it to have seats further down. You can get up and dance without fearing for your life, and you’re more than likely going to be next to someone standing up who also knows every word to every song – backwards.

I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 acts, and I’ll sum it up in quick sentences: Jennifer was vocally faultless and kicked off the festival nicely. Chase Bryant was extremely powerful even though he sang only 2 songs. Chris Young was brilliant, crowd pleasing and a bonus was him bringing Cassadee Pope to sing their chart topping duet “Think of You”. CAM, a young Dolly Parton, a little bucket of perfection and if you haven’t listened to her before, you need to! Brad, a worthy headliner. My highlight of the night was him debuting his song “Selfie #Theinternetisforever”, which had me giggling for the rest of the night (the song is out now, so go get it!). Overall, even though the seats weren’t great, we both enjoyed ourselves.

Just when we thought our legs could go no longer and our ears were ringing more than jingle bells at Christmas, we headed to the afterparty! Hand on heart, we were in two minds not to go because we were exhausted after the travelling, BUT sleep is for the dead I guess. A crowded room full of people drinking either Jack Daniels or Bells whiskey, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I was ready to hot foot it straight back out but CAM was performing near enough her whole album and I love her, so we scurried to the back and watched her from afar. She was absolutely AMAZING, I love her even more now. After her set finished, we were done. 12:30am and we were officially knackered and ready to claim our jim jams. So off we went back to the hotel, and I think before my head even hit the pillow, I was sound asleep.

So there you have it! Our first day at the C2C Festival. It was one to remember, and I’d do it all again tomorrow. Day 2 and 3’s blogs are coming in the next 2 days!

Speak to you soon!




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