Who Am I?

You made it! Hello and welcome.

My name is Olivia and I’ve been a country music addict since 2011. It all started when me and my Mum sat down one winter’s evening and watched Country Strong. We both became besotted with the soundtrack, Me and Tennessee, and it all spiralled from there. I eventually started watching all the recommendations from the song, and it kept throwing Tim McGraw songs at me, which I was thrilled about. From then on, I bought all of his albums, and I’ve listened to him non stop ever since.

So, what’s my ACTUAL job? I work at a small local company called FromLucy, where I run all of the social media accounts and deal with all the website shenanigans. It’s a great job, the people there are beyond fantastic to work with, and I’ve never had such a thing as a ‘bad day at work’ since I’ve been there. Bonus!

I’m also a keen worker on Photoshop, where I just take random little pictures and edit them, putting all sorts of effects and what-not on top, making them look slightly prettier than what they did originally. I have my Grandad to thank for my love of Photoshop, as he was the first person that introduced to me to it, way back in the day where I had no responsibilities and could spend hours on end learning from him. Thanks, Grandad!